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The Problem

One of the largest gaming operators in Europe had a critical issue with the abandonment rate when their customers were being asked to enter their 3D Secure password. They were expected to apply 3D Secure by their acquiring banks to achieve lower processing fees and to reduce fraud. However, the merchant had no concerns with fraud with their regular customers and was happy to pay slightly higher fees rather than lose transactions from trusted customers.

The Solution

Intelligent Payments' 3D Secure management solution allows the merchant complete flexibility to manage 3D Secure right down to an individual transaction level. The merchant now has a policy that disables 3D Secure for customers that have traded with them for longer than a certain period of time and where the transaction value is below a certain amount. It has disabled 3D Secure against certain card issuers where it experienced the highest abandonment rates.

The Result

The strategy has recouped over £500,000 per month in lost sales.

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