Betfred and Intelligent Payments partner for 3DSecure on mobile

21st April, 2015. Intelligent Payments has announced the launch of its new '3D-Secure Optimised for Mobile' service together with leading online gaming merchant 3D-Secure has been an industry difficulty for mobile and tablet devices and up to now most merchants have avoided it due to poor adaptability of the 3D Secure page to mobile devices and a low cost benefit in comparison to not using 3D Secure. However for UK merchants, 3D-Secure has become much more important from March 2015 as Visa's new UK Domestic interchange rates now have a difference between secure and non-secure of 10 pence per transaction, as opposed to 0.5pence prior to 1st March 2015.
Conor Quirke, CEO of Intelligent Payments said, "We are delighted to be the first payment provider to perfect 3D Secure for mobile and that one of our flag ship customers, Betfred are one of the first merchants to go live with this service"
Rakesh Chablani, MD of Petfre (Gibraltar) Ltd T/A commented, "Intelligent Payments have been a great partner for Betfred over the years and this type of innovation allows us to continue to grow while generating significant cost savings. We demand a lot from our suppliers and are really pleased Intelligent Payments continue to add real value to our business"
Conor Quirke
CEO Intelligent Payments
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About Intelligent Payments
Intelligent Payments is a payments processing specialist with offices in Gibraltar and Malta. Founded in 2009, Intelligent Payments has a strong pedigree in providing payment processing to the online gaming sector, Intelligent Payments also serves merchants across general retail and hospitality across Europe while also supporting their businesses in South America.